Company Griffon & Romano

Griffon & Romano S.p.A was founded in 1954. Since then has developed into a major service centre in the Italian stainless steel industry. Today the company is part of the multinational Slovenian Steel Group (SIJ), which is made up of 20 companies across the globe. It leads the domestic market in the production and sale of stainless steel, Ni-Alloys and special steels.

Our headquarters is in Melzo (Milan) where we have sales offices and a factory. We have also a second factory in Corte Tegge (Reggio Emilia) and commercial agents throughout Italy who have been supporting our customers for over 60 years.

We are one of the biggest INOX steel service centres in Italy and we have relationships with customers in Austria, France, Spain, Russia and Israel among others. Our customers come from a wide variety of industrial sectors including food and food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, textile, chemical and petrochemical, engineering, paper, shipbuilding, water treatment, nuclear, etc.